One-third of Syrians in Need of Humanitarian Assistance

One-third of Syrians in Need of Humanitarian Assistance

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Image source: BBC News

The United Nations is seeking $4.4 billion in humanitarian aid for Syria, the largest aid appeal in the history of the organization. It is estimated that one-third of Syrians are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, UN Emergency Relief Co-ordinator Valerie Amos said in a news conference last Friday. The United Nations estimates that half of the population – or 10 million people – will need assistance by the end of 2013.

The $4.4 billion is intended to cover only the most basic needs through the end of the year. Over half of ┬árefugees fleeing Syria are children, many of whom have begun showing signs of malnutrition. The UN’s appeal┬áincludes $1 billion to enable the World Food Programme to distribute more food both inside and outside of Syria.

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