Meet Tee Meh

Meet Tee Meh

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Choral performance’s intricate interplay between voices pleases the ear and uplifts the soul.

Military exercises challenge units to work together, pushing minds and bodies to their limits.

To excel in such diverse areas isn’t easy, but Tee Meh’s discipline and talent allow her to do just that.

Tee is a senior at Conrad High School in Dallas, Texas, but was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. She is Kerrani, and says the government in Myanmar persecuted her people in its quest to ethnically cleanse the country.

Tee lived in the camp until she was 10 years old, and although it was beautiful, it lacked resources for a functional life. In the camp, she and her family lived in a small house with neither running water nor electricity, and grew their own food in a garden.

Even in the camp, Tee and her family lived in a constant state of fear and uncertainty, unsure of when the next attack from the Myanmar government might come. But Tee made the most of her situation, attending school when her parents could afford to pay it, learning three languages along the way.

After a decade in the camp, her family was approved to come to Dallas, but she didn’t know what to expect. I” knew the name, but it was like a question mark,” she says of her new home.

They arrived one snowy December night, a shock to the system of a young girl that had never seen snow and only been in a car a few times.

She was placed in the fifth grade, but spoke no English and found it difficult to make friends. “I was scared to get out of my comfort zone,” she says. Though she excelled in math, her language skills forced her to work hard to maintain good grades. But she did.

Eventually Tee’s language caught up to her intellect and she began to shine. In high school, she joined band (flute) and JROTC (lieutenant) while taking as many AP classes as she could. Tee is a part of her school’s Academy of Health Science, which helped her find a hospital internship.

Tee sees a future in the medical field, but wants to reconnect with her home at the same time. Her goal is to be cardiovascular surgeon in developing nations, helping restore life to those who struggle to keep it. “My long term goal is to travel and give back,” she says. “That would be my success.”

Tee transformed from a shy girl trying to find her feet into an outspoken and independent young woman, engaged and flourishing between choir rehearsal, volunteering with JROTC and her studies.

In her house, trophies and medals decorate the mantle. “For me, I want to be flexible. There are a lot of things I want to be good at.”

Tee will have to pick one of the four universities that accepted her this fall, but as usual, her goals go beyond acceptance. “Next are scholarships.”