The simple things that make for peace

The simple things that make for peace

Posted on in Peace-Building / Conflict Resolution.

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It’s not always the complex ideas that lend the space for enemies and strangers to come together, seek to understand, and eventually offer forgiveness to each other. It’s true that complex problems often take strategic and principled negotiation. But all too often we miss the simple opportunities to cultivate the fertile ground to which a sustaining peace demands.

In the case of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict there are Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers who have come to realize that collective experiences such as community gardening hold within them the power to not only produce first-time meetings, but the cultivation of seeing each other as human as well.

Experiencing the mutual humanity of one’s enemy is the first step to treating that person with humanity.

So lets focus on the simple things: Our mutual humanity is simple because every human shares it. Our intrinsic value (our worth) is simple because every person is created with it. Our common dignity is simple because our mutual humanity and intrinsic value demand we treat people with it.

When we begin to see others as having these same and basic characteristics as ourselves it will be much harder to allow others to suffer at the hands of our fears and political opinions. Therefore, lets seek the simple things that bring back what we all have in common and thus need from each other.

From Jerusalem with grace and peace,

Jason Clarke