Policy & Advocacy


Our Manifesto

We love people of all colors, faiths and backgrounds.

We believe all people are equal and hold intrinsic value.

We are committed to the flourishing of people who are in need of peace and justice.




To be pro-refugee is to be pro-life. It is to recognize and revere the equal humanity and image of God in all people, especially those in greatest need.

Pro-refugee is to recognize and revere the equal humanity, dignity, and image of God in all people. Foundational to our American values is the ideal of ensuring the safety, protection and flourishing of those in crises, regardless of race or religion. These distinctly American values are written in our Declaration of Independence and inscribed on our icon of freedom, the Statue of Liberty.


Pro-Security means that we are security-conscious in all aspects of refugee resettlement.

Pro-security is to be security-conscious in all aspects of refugee resettlement. We understand that complex issues pertaining to security, both domestically and internationally, are inherent to the Refugee Resettlement Process and believe that a proper security vetting procedure for refugees is vital to sustainable resettlement initiatives.


Refugees consistently make a positive and measurable economic impact in communities where they resettle.

Pro-economy is to acknowledge that refugees are making a positive and measurable economic impact in communities where they resettle. By strategically investing in refugees – either via the labor needs of national corporations, local businesses or by entrepreneurial efforts – this legal and opportunistic labor force is capable of producing measurable economic gains in local communities across the country.


Legislative Advocacy

Through local, regional, and national advocacy with Members of Congress, SEEK promotes State and National policies and legislation that support our pro-refugee / pro-security / pro-economy (PRO/PRO/PRO) agenda.

Equipping and Mobilizing Citizen Advocates

We equip and mobilize “citizen advocates” who are concerned with the plight of refugees to organize in order to use their voice, their social networks and speak directly to their elected officials on behalf of refugees.

We also equip and mobilize refugees and displaced peoples to act as their own advocates. Refugees are encouraged to share their story and speak for their rights to people in power while making their recommendations for change.

Inter-group and Inter-religious Coalition Building

Through establishing important local and global alliances among diverse organizational, ethnic, and religious groups, SEEK builds coalitions to advance issues of common concern.

Become an Advocate

Our mission is to empower and assist everyday peacemakers as they live out the call to become agents of peace and advocates for justice. We have assembled the necessary elements to strategically engaging one’s State and US legislators and other elected officials. As principled citizens of a constitutional democracy we believe it is critical to be fluent in the ways and norms of speaking truth to power. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” So join us as we advocate for the legal representation of mutual humanity and common dignity of all people.

Know The Issues

  1. Get familiar with our PRO/PRO/PRO framework
  2. See the Refugee Policy Section and review the current anti-refugee bills and legislation along with our commentary

Find Your Legislators

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Unite Locally

Start a SEEK advocacy team at your school, university, or in your social network. It’s easy to get started and its never been more important.


  1. Download our Advocacy Team Pack
  2. Contact potential Team members and host a meeting
  3. Commit to meeting at least once a month
  4. Get creative in speaking truth to power.


Email us for more information on how to get started.

Get to Work


Download and edit a sample letter



Download a sample statement



Make a simple video testimonial and post online

Take a photo of your letter and post it online

Write a short statement on FB and Twitter



Attend a town hall and use your talking points to speak truth to those who represent you.

Schedule a meeting with the District staff of your representative to present – in person – the issues that concern you.



Petitions can show legislators just how many people are concerned with an issue. Signing a petition allows our voices and our beliefs to unify in a central document that often spans across states and social groups. Petitions alone won’t solve legislative problems but they contribute in powerful ways. Find one and add your name!